Nordic Combined Ski Canada is pleased to announce that it has been selected to participate in the RBC Training Ground program for 2020. Our coaches will have an opportunity to assess numerous athletes at events across Canada starting with a November 12, 2020 event at the University of Calgary. We look forward to participating in this exciting program.

RBC Training Ground

Over the last 70 years, RBC has championed the growth of the Olympic Movement in Canada by supporting grassroots initiatives that give youth access to sport and by providing the country’s top athletes with the added support they need to reach the Olympic podium.

Canada’s largest financial institution has become a leader in developing the next generation of Olympians, most notably with the launch of RBC Training Ground in 2016.

RBC, CBC, the Canadian Olympic Committee, and Canadian Olympic Foundation partnered up in 2016 to launch RBC Training Ground – a series of regional combine events designed to help partnering sports uncover athletes with Olympic potential. At RBC Training Ground events, athletes between the ages of 14 and 25 are tested in speed, strength, power and endurance by National Sport Organizations and the Canadian Olympic Paralympic Sport Institute Network. Results are then compared against high-performance benchmarks, with (up to) the top 30 athletes receiving funding and support needed to pursue their Olympic aspirations.

Over the first four years of the RBC Training Ground Program, over 7,400 athletes have been tested across Canada. Of these athletes, 800 of them were identified as high potential and invited for further testing with our National Sport Organization partners.

For 2020, RBC Training Ground builds on this success for year 5 of the program. We’ve also partnered with nine national sport organizations (Boxing Canada, Freestyle Canada, Speed Skating Canada, Ski Jumping Canada, Nordic Combined Ski Canada, Cycling Canada, Rowing Canada, Rugby Canada, and Canoe Kayak Canada). This will give more yet-to-be-discovered athletes the chance to further fuel their Olympic dreams.

For more information on the 2020 schedule of events, testing and to register for a qualifier, please visit the website.

For a full list of 2019 athletes receiving funding please go to RBC Future Olympians.

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